Cargill Animal Nutrition

Leoti, KS

This project included upgraded legs, distributor, spouting, and related structure. This project entailed replacing two receiving legs, support tower, manlift, and related equipment. The customer provided the new equipment for this upgrade. The customer at this location could not have the facility offline for any period of time, so a majority of this work was done around the current working equipment. With the new tower support system in place, the tower went up around the existing elevators and manlift. Once up, one of the current legs was removed, and a new leg installed in its place. Then the same was done for the remaining leg. This allowed the customer to keep operating on one leg. Remaining equipment such as distributors, diverters, and spouting was changed in the same fashion. The man lift that was once housed between the legs was replaced with a new unit installed inside the tower. Existing spouting was replaced with Habco spouting in both stainless and mild steel and was trussed where needed. All remaining structure or spouting not being removed was tied back into new structure and spouting as needed.