Concordia Terminal

Concordia, KS

Several upgrades to this facility have been completed in the last ten years. We have added storage – both temporary and permanent – on four separate occasions. The first project also included an upgrade for high speed unit train loading capabilities. The initial facility upgrade included two new jump form concrete tanks. A new truck receiving pit and high speed rail loadout capabilities were also added at this time. This project included new upper and lower handling equipment throughout. The system is fully automated using Kasa controls and has a very high degree of flexibility. The rail loadout system utilizes Intersystems bulkweighing and sampling equipment in conjunction with HABCO fabricated spouting and our exclusive hydraulic rail loadout spout. Approximately 2.5 million bushels of temporary storage was added in 2002. All of this space was later upgraded to permanent storage with the addition of eight 105’ GSI steel bins. The latest project included a third truck receiving driveway and pit.