Cornerstone Ag

Colby, KS

Upgrades include two new high speed truck receiving pits, grain scalping, and a new Zimmerman tower dryer. Several jump form concrete bins have been added to increase storage capacity. Bins varying in size from 185,000 bushels to 750,000 bushels add a total of nearly 2,600,000 bushels of concrete upright storage. Construction has been completed in several phases over the course of several years. Each phase has included jump form concrete storage to increase the total capacity of this shuttle loading facility to over 3,400,000 bushels. The first upgrade was a single 400,000 bushel jump form bin with machinery to fill and reclaim at high speeds. During the next phase, high speed truck receiving and a dryer were added. Three jump form concrete bins were constructed as well. These included a 185,000 bushel wet bin, another 400,000 bushel bin and a 750,000 bushel bin. The two new truck receiving hoppers combined allow for up to 50,000 bushels per hour truck receiving capacity and are complete with dust collection via Donaldson filters. These pits discharge to a new 30,000 bushel per hour leg or to the existing main elevator house legs. An overhead bin was also installed for truck loading. Most of the new bins are equipped with gravity flow truck loading spouts as well. A 20,000 bushel per hour drag scalper was installed for inbound shipments. A 6,000 bushel per hour tower dryer was included in the second phase and is filled by a 14,000 bushel per hour wet leg. The most recent addition was a second 750,000 bushel jump form bin.