Farmway Coop

Clay Center, KS

A new Behlen steel bin was erected increasing storage capacity by almost 400,000 bushels. Aeration is rated at 1/9 CFM/bushel on corn. Bin fill and reclaim is accomplished to and from the existing elevator facility via Hi-Roller belt conveyors. The 74’ steel bin utilizes a deep foundation of auger cast in place piling and also features an above-grade reclaim tunnel. Flush-floor aeration is included. Custom-designed lower fan enclosures will be installed to significantly decrease noise pollution. The bin is filled from the existing elevator facility by a Hi-Roller enclosed belt conveyor at 25,000 bph. Grain is reclaimed to the existing facility with a 15,000 bph Hi-Roller enclosed belt conveyor. A Springland sweep auger is utilized for final clean-out.