Gavilon Grain

Joice, IA

Upgrades to this facility include permanent and temporary storage- (2) new jump form concrete bins and (2) ground pile systems as well as modifications to the rail loadout system. Project features include- 3.4 and 2.5 million bushel capacity ground pile systems each with 20,000 BPH capacity enclosed belt conveyor filling and LeMar machinery bridge and support towers. 560,000 bushel capacity jump form concrete bin is filled by (2) 15,000 BPH capacity drag conveyors. 50,000 BPH side draw assembly discharges to shipping leg for bin unloading. 240,000 bushel capacity jump form concrete bin is filled by a 30,000 BPH capacity drag conveyor. Bin unloading is achieved by 30,000 BPH side draw assembly discharging to new 30,000 BPH reclaim belt conveyor. Enclosed reversible belt conveyor receives grain from middle and south annexes and from new 240,000 bushel bin reclaim belt to discharge at 48,000 BPH to shipping leg and at 15,000 BPH to rail unload drag. Modifications were made to existing conveyors and spouting to increase flow rate.