The Scoular Co.

Pratt, KS

This facility was a new construction, adding permanent storage with all handling equipment throughout. Loading and unloading for rail car and truck provided in truck/rail shed. Features on this project include- (3) 590,000 bushel capacity jump form concrete bins with hopper bottoms. 75′ x 100′ truck/rail shed with (1) rail dump grate and (2) truck dump grates discharged to (2) receiving legs, all having 50,000 BPH total capacity. 24″ square swing-set distributor- spouting- 50,000 BPH capacity drag conveyor discharge grain to jump form bins. A 5,000 BPH- 16″ tubular unloading auger was installed for final bin cleanout. Bins are equipped with 18″ square side draw spouts to ground level reclaim drag conveyor- discharging to 6,000 BPH transfer leg. Rotary scalper above 6,000 BPH capacity grinder. 6,000 BPH drag conveyor from grinder system to ethanol plant. 21 TPH pneumatic transfer system for DDG. 125′ x 150′ steel DDG storage building. 2,800 BPH u-trough screw conveyor discharges DDG storage building. Building equipped with 6′ x 20′ grate/hopper with 15,000 BPH drag conveyor in reclaim tunnel. 15,000 BPH jump leg and drag conveyor with machinery catwalk to discharge to 50,000 BPH capacity rail loadout bulkweigher. Rail load-out utilizes HABCO, Inc. exclusive hinged loadout spout. 16″ truck loadout spout above south truck unloading area and DLC telescoping truck loadout spout for discharge of DDG.